The Rainforest Action Group (Melbourne) is a research, education, action and advocacy group committed to undertaking well-informed, non-violent direct actions in the defense of rainforests worldwide. We are committed to securing the earth's ecological future and a sustainable and equitable society. We are entirely volunteer-run.

Our current campaign focus is halting the massive expansion of mining and oil and gas exploration currently underway in Ecuador.

Our principal partners are the Rainforest Information Centre and the Caminantes Collective.

TheCaminantes Collective is made up of thousands of Ecuadorians representing the entire nation and the Indigenous and Campesino communities that form its soul, and includes DECOIN, CEDHU, ECUARUNARI, CONAIE, CASCOMI and many more tribal confederations, Campesinos and environment groups.



The Melbourne Rainforest Action Group (MRAG) supports, facilitates and stands in solidarity with indigenous people's forest conservation initiatives world-wide. We are committed to a process of decolonisation and peaceful coexistence between Indigenous and non-indigenous peoples, communities and nations through creative co-resistance to colonialism and its manifestations of patriarchy, capitalism, racism, heterosexism, ableism, western privilege and corporate hegemony.

We are committed to supporting indigenous self-determination and building alliances between indigenous organisations in Australia and abroad. Our current campaign focus is supporting various indigenous groups' struggles against mining in Ecuador.



Thousands of Achuar and Shuar people march against mining on their ancestral homelands in Macas, 2015.