Despite its tiny size, Ecuador is one of the world's biodiversity hotspots, with more vertebrate and endemic plant species than the entire United States and Northern Europe combined. This mega-diverse nation also contains some of the world's most endangered forests. The incredibly species rich, north western cloud forests of Ecuador have experienced around 95% deforestation — only fragments of previous habitats remain. Many species unique to the region (endemics) are under threat of extinction and many more remain unknown to science. In spite of its global significance as one of the world's most biodiverse countries, around 14% of its total land area has been secretly sold to multinational mining companies by the Ecuadorean government. Many of these mining concessions overlap protected forests and indigenous reserves.


of mining concessions in Ecuador have been purchased by Australian and Canadian companies. Mining has become increasingly militarised, with local soldiers and police guarding private mines


Many of the areas being opened to mining are home to indigenous tribes. They stand to lose both their ancestral homelands & their way of life


The Rainforest Action Group (Melbourne) undertakes research, education, advocacy work, and non-violent direct action to protect rainforests worldwide. We are committed to securing the earth's ecological future and a sustainable and equitable society. We are entirely volunteer-run. Our current campaign focus is halting the massive expansion of mining and oil and gas production in Ecuador.

We are committed to a process of decolonization and peaceful coexistence between Indigenous and non-indigenous peoples, communities and nations through creative co-resistance to colonialism and its manifestations of patriarchy, capitalism, racism, heterosexism, ableism, western privilege and corporate hegemony. Supporting indigenous self-determination and building alliances between indigenous organisations in Australia and abroad is a key aim.

The Rainforest Action Group actively supports the Caminantes Collective - a collective of thousands of Ecuadorians representing the entire nation and the Indigenous and Campesino communities that form its soul.

The Caminantes Collective includes DECOIN, CEDHU, ECUARUNARI, CONAIE, CASCOMI and many more tribal confederations, Campesinos and environment groups.


Illegal mining in Napo, Ecuador. Image credit:

The Rainforest Action Group (RAG) is committed to providing up-to-date information on rainforests threatened by mining, oil and gas and logging companies. In addition, MRAG also examines the role of governments and their various trade agencies, and international institutions like the World Bank, in facilitating the wanton destruction of rainforests across the globe.

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