Ecuador Despite its tiny size is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world
Andean Cloud Forest It is home to both the and the last remnants of the megadiverse Amazon Rainforest 6.6% 10% of the country In 2017, Ecuador was opened up for mining across 2.9 million hectares is now covered in mining concessions Indigenous territories Many mining concessions cover – in direct violation of Ecuador's Constitution on the Rights of Nature Protected Forests
800% 800% By 2021 mining in Ecuador is expected to expand by Rainforest Action Group way of life stand to lose both their and their ancestral homelands Indigenous tribes 80% 80% of mining concessions Australian & Canadian mining companies were bought by
536,101 Ha Concessions held by Australian companies
of all mining concessions by area
Mining is increasingly militarised with guarding private mines soldiers & police out! Communities want them

Rinehart vs Chilean Govt over spoils for copper mine

Ecuadorian investigation shows a conflict between Codelco and a subsidiary of Australia’s Hancock Prospecting, Hanrine, over control of the Llurimagua copper mine. Information revealed on August 3,

Mining at Llurimagua – a social and environmental catastrophe

Selling the World a Social and Environmental Catastrophe: Ecuador’s Llurimagua Mining Project By Carlos Zorilla The government of Ecuador has been busy trying sell its share of the troubled

Gold, Guns and Gina Rinehart’s mining concessions in Ecuador

Carlos De Miguel III, the General Manager of Hanrine Ecuadorian Excploration and Mining SA, a subsidiary of Gina Rinehart’s Hancock Prospecting, was apprehended by police for an alleged illegal

The Los Cedros Biological Reserve in north-western Ecuador is a haven for rare and endangered wildlife, with the critically endangered Black-and-Chestnut Eagle, ocelots, jaguars and the critically endangered Brown-Headed Spider Monkey roaming its pristine 4800 Ha (11,861 acres) of premontane wet tropical forest and cloud forest.

Despite being a legally Protected Forest, the Reserve is now threatened by mining.