Investor risk alert for Cascabel

November 11, 2019By MRAGUncategorized

“This border is out of control… its inhabitants are left to their fate.” Colonel Mario Pazmiño, the country’s former director of military intelligence. The Guardian, 24 October 2018 The location of SolGold’s Cascabel concession is an investor’s nightmare. Cascabel is located in close proximity to the Colombian/Ecuadorian border, an area where Australia’s Department of Foreign … Read More

Protestors acting as human smoke alarms

November 6, 2019By MRAGUncategorized

Protesters at international mining conference acting as human smoke alarms 6 November 2019 The aftermath of a week of blockades against the International Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC) continues to reverberate, with Prime Minister Scott Morrison now threatening to outlaw future boycotts against mining businesses. “Given mining extraction and refinement generates 20% of global emissions, … Read More

Protesters at International Mining Conference

November 1, 2019By MRAGUncategorized

A week of blockades against the International Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC) continued yesterday (Tuesday) at the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre, where more than 500 anti-mining protestors attempted to shut down the conference. Boon Wurrung Elder Carolyn Briggs welcomed protestors onto her country, and encouraged all to be respectful of the land they walked … Read More

SolGold AGM 20 September

October 12, 2019By MRAGUncategorized

MRAG gathered testimonials from Indigenous and campesino communities in Ecuador who claim that SolGold are exploring illegally on protected forests or indigenous lands, and have falsified authorisations. They say that SolGold has “no social license, have done almost no socialisation, and have done no consultation whatsoever”. We also believe SolGold has not been transparent with … Read More

Australian solidarity blockade at BHP

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200 protestors at the head office at BHP today blocked entries to doors this morning amid demands for BHP to take greater accountability of its mining operations globally. The protest comes as Ecuador goes into a state of emergency with hundreds injured and at least 5 killed in one of the most serious uprisings Ecuador … Read More

Australian mining companies complicit in unrest

October 8, 2019By MRAGUncategorized

Australian mining companies complicit in escalation of unrest in Ecuador October 8, 2019 The Rainforest Action Group is deeply concerned about the implications of the State of Emergency declared by Ecuadorian president Lenin Moreno on October 3rd. The action gives police and military the power to use extreme force to repress the widespread mobilisation of … Read More

Latin American Church takes a Stand

September 20, 2019By MRAGUncategorized

‘Our Mother Earth is Dying’: Latin American Church takes a Stand for the Amazon September 20, 2019 On Sept 14th this year, as the disastrous fires in the Amazon Rainforest continued to hit international headlines, Ecuador’s new Holistic Ecology and Panamazon Synod released a bulletin entitled ‘Our Mother Earth is Dying.’ This came as a … Read More

Environmental concerns at Cascabel

August 25, 2019By MRAGUncategorized

The Cascabel concession is part of the Mira River basin, and is surrounded by mature primary and secondary forests that house endangered species, and protect pristine microbasins. Our primary concerns with mining in Cascabel hinge on the ecosystem impacts of the mine itself and related infrastructure, as well as the toxic waste generated by mining … Read More

SolGold joins Rinehart with trouble in Ecuador

August 6, 2019By MRAGUncategorized

SolGold joins Rinehart with trouble in Ecuador August 6, 2019 SolGold joins Gina Rinehart’s Hancock Prospecting as the latest Aussie company to face challenges on their Ecuadorian mining concessions. Illegal miners who were evicted from Rinehart’s concession at Buenos Aires in July, have been active on SolGold concessions in the Imbabura and Carchi provinces, while … Read More

Cornerstone and ENAMI violating court ruling?

July 12, 2019By MRAGUncategorized

This blatant violation of the law is in keeping with statements by Cornerstone Capital Resources CEO Brooke Macdonald when he stated at the recent shareholder meeting in Toronto, Canada on June 25th: “We will follow the law, but this decision of this lower court in Imbabura is subject to appeal, and we believe that the … Read More