Mega-mining in Ecuador: the dream of a naive milkmaid

August 3, 2018By MRAGUncategorized

THE FALSE HOPE OF A BROKEN PITCHER BY ALBERTO ACOSTA AND JOHN CAJAS-GUIJARRO “Wealth is like salt water: the more you drink, the more thirsty you become. The same goes for glory.” Arthur Schopenhauer The fable tells the story of a milkmaid on her way to market carrying a pitcher full of milk on her … Read More

Recent News

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MUNICIPALITY OF COTACHI FORMALLY DENOUNCES BHP OVER CONCESSIONS IN THE AREA 23 JULY 2018 Today, the Mayor of the Cotacachi Municipality in the Imbabura Province of Ecuador, issued a formal denunciation to BHP Billiton over their mining concessions in the area, with particular concerns over their transgressions in protected reserves and conservation areas. Mining concessions … Read More

Mining Concessions in Ecuador

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MINING OF PROTECTED RESERVES Many of the mining concessions being handed out in Ecuador are within protected forests and indigenous reserves in outright violation of Ecuador’s Constitution.  No prior consultation occurred with affected communities. The degradation of protected areas, such as Bosques Protectores (Protected Forests), and the spread of mining roads and camps (and eventually mines) … Read More

Clashes at controversial Ecuadorian mine – Rio Blanco

May 26, 2018By MRAGEcuador

CLASHES BETWEEN COMMUNITY MEMBERS AND SECURITY FORCES OVER MINES Heated clashes occurred between community members and security forces at Ecuagold’s Chinese owned Río Blanco mine this past week, with several arrests being made and reports that 3 leaders of the Ecuarunari, the national confederation of the Kichwa people, were abducted by mine workers. This mine … Read More