Environmental concerns at Cascabel

August 25, 2019

The Cascabel concession is part of the Mira River basin, and is surrounded by mature primary and secondary forests that house endangered species, and protect pristine microbasins. Our primary concerns with mining in Cascabel hinge on the ecosystem impacts of the mine itself and related infrastructure, as well as the toxic waste generated by mining … Read More

SolGold joins Rinehart with trouble in Ecuador

August 6, 2019

SolGold joins Rinehart with trouble in Ecuador August 6, 2019 SolGold joins Gina Rinehart’s Hancock Prospecting as the latest Aussie company to face challenges on their Ecuadorian mining concessions. Illegal miners who were evicted from Rinehart’s concession at Buenos Aires in July, have been active on SolGold concessions in the Imbabura and Carchi provinces, while … Read More

Cornerstone and ENAMI violating court ruling?

July 12, 2019

This blatant violation of the law is in keeping with statements by Cornerstone Capital Resources CEO Brooke Macdonald when he stated at the recent shareholder meeting in Toronto, Canada on June 25th: “We will follow the law, but this decision of this lower court in Imbabura is subject to appeal, and we believe that the … Read More

Legal problems cast doubt on BHP’s future in Ecuador

July 3, 2019

A series of legal cases based on constitutional law have created doubts over BHP’s operations in Ecuador. These court cases highlight the risks for international mining companies who fail to familiarise themselves with their legal obligations under Ecuador’s constitution. Martin Daley, Rainforest Action Group (Melbourne) stated, “It is the fifth time in just over one … Read More

Los Cedros court win

June 25, 2019

The judges in the provincial court of Imbabura ruled that there had been a violation of mining-impacted communities’ right to be consulted, and revoked the previous sentence of November 2018 in which the Action of Protection was discarded. They also forced the Ministry of Environment and Water to publicise the ruling and formally apologise to … Read More

Mafia gunfight over Rinehart concession

June 25, 2019

At least 19 people were injured in a twelve-hour shoot-out between rival organised crime gangs in Hanrine’s lucrative gold mining concession in northwestern Ecuador. The gunfight near Buenos Aires killed an unknown number of people, with bodies reportedly hastily buried or dumped down mine shafts where the confrontation took place. A truck transporting local residents … Read More

New mining policy

May 21, 2019

“This constitutes a deepening of extractive policy in Ecuador and a violation of individual and collective civil rights, especially the right to previous consultation, as communities have not been consulted regarding the award of concessions in favour of mining companies. The consolidation of the extractivist model will contribute to increased violence towards affected communities, evidencing … Read More

Amazon community denied protection against Chinese Copper mine

January 17, 2019

Latest court ruling casts renewed doubts on Ecuador’s upholding of its constitutional process amid fresh protests of human rights violations at the country’s largest open-pit copper mine, Mirador. The Amazonian Social Action Community Cordillera del Cóndor Mirador (Cascomi) brought the case against the Ecuador Ministry of Mining, Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of the Interior, … Read More

Illegal mining in Imbabura

January 10, 2019

First published in LA HORA, 26 March 2018 The risk of an epidemic in the mountain known as El Lomón, El Triunfo community, Buenos Aires parish, Urcuquí canton, is high. The lives of the miners are essentially held by a thread, not dissimilar to that formed by the tiny splinters of gold that appear in … Read More

Gina Rinehart’s Mining Concession Problems in Ecuador

January 4, 2019

Hanrine Ecuadorian Exploration and Mining (HEEM), a subsidiary of Gina Rinehart’s Hancock Prospecting has been involved in a political minefield in Ecuador for the past year. In mid December 2018, hundreds of members of the Ecuadorian Military were trucked into the town of Buenos Aires, in the northern Imbabura Province in an attempt to curtail … Read More